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6 x four hour short courses from thermal thought leaders

Thermal conference with 50+ technical papers & how-to’s from leading companies and universities

Numerous FREE tear down sessions and product workshops for all attendees


40+ companies set up to show off their capabilities

Technical sales engineers who are ready to introduce and demonstrate new technology in our exhibition hall.

Booth size of 10 x 8 ft. Interact with – and gain – new customers and clients


Over 400 engineers, academicians & industry pundits from 20 countries

150+ companies, consultants and universities represented

FREE admission to all for exhibits, vendor workshops, how-to courses, and products tear downs


“I’ve been involved with SEMI-THERM for over 10 years now. It is one of the best events to connect with colleagues, meet new friends and to learn from industry veterans.”

George Meyer, CEO, Celsia Inc.
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Final Program
Final Program
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Total Activity Time

Short Courses – 24 Hours
Technical Presentations – 22 Hours
Exhibits – 10 Hours
Vendor Workshops – 8 Hours
How To’s & Product Tear Downs – 6 Hours
Keynote Address & Lunch Speakers – 3 Hours
Event Details

Who Should Attend

Attendees include anyone interested in thermal design, management and characterization of electronic systems and components. SEMI-THERM provides a forum for engineers, academics, and executives to learn, exchange ideas, and display the latest in thermal management techniques, products and services. Here are some of the topics we’ve covered in past years:

New Technologies

  • Advances in Thermal Components
  • Energy Harvesting Materials
  • Thermal Control Methods
  • 3D & Nano-Technologies

Component & System Design

  • Heat Spreaders, Air Movers, TIMs
  • Design Software & Modeling
  • Processors, ICs, Memory
  • Solid State Technologies

Testing & Validation

  • Characterization & Material Measurement
  • Instrumentation & Controls
  • Reliability Testing
  • JEDEC Standards


  • Portable & Power Electronics
  • Harsh Environments
  • Telecommunications
  • Data Centers

Technical Sessions

1LEDJim Petroski, Design by Analysis
2Two-Phase CoolingGeorge Meyer and Sobo Sun, Celsia Inc.
3Thermal Interface MaterialsJason Strader, Laird
4Automotive / Aerospace / OutdoorBradley Richard, Advanced Cooling
5Measurement TechniquesHussam Kabbani, Facebook
6CFD / Numerical ModelingTaravat Khadivi, Qualcomm
7Two-Phase CoolingPritish Parida, IBM
8Consumer Electronics

Mark Carbone, Intel and Angel Han, Huawei
9Data Center CoolingMarcelo del Valle, Intel
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