40th Annual Semiconductor Thermal Measurement, Modeling and Management Symposium
March 25–28, 2024

At the DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose
2050 Gateway Place, San Jose, CA 95110, US, (855) 610-8733
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SEMI-THERM is an international symposium dedicated to the thermal management and characterization of electronic components and systems. SEMI-THERM provides knowledge covering all thermal scales from integrated circuits to facilities, fosters discussions between thermal engineers, professionals, and industry experts, and encourages the exchange of information on academic and industrial advances in electronics cooling.

8:00 AM–12:00 PMShort Course 1:
Semiconductor Packaging and Thermals: Upcoming Challenges

Instructor: Dr. Kyle Arrington
Short Course 2:
Navigating Thermal and Reliability Challenges in Chip Components for Automotive High-Performance Compute Systems

Instructor: Dr. Fen Chen
Short Course 3:
Fundamentals and Applications of Machine Learning in Thermal Management and Heat Transfer Technologies

Instructors: Prof. Van Carey, Prof. Alanna Cooney
Short Course 4:
Passive Two-Phase Cooling: Pulsating Heat Pipes and Loop Thermosyphon

Instructor: Prof. John Thome
12:00–1:30 PM
Luncheon will be provided
1:30–5:30 PMShort Course 5:
Thermal Challenges and Opportunities of Advanced Packages and Microelectronics Systems. Figure of Merit and Applications.

Instructors: Dr. Victor Chiriac, Mr. Alex Ockfen
Short Course 6:
Direct to Chip Liquid Cooling: Single Phase Water and Two-Phase Refrigerant Cooling with Pumped and Passive Systems

Instructors: Prof. Al Ortega, Dr. Luca Amalfi
Short Course 7:
Transient Thermal Analysis Using Linear Superposition

Instructor: Mr. Roger Stout
8:00–8:20 AM
Opening Remarks
8:20–9:00 AMTechnical Track 1 - Consumer Electronics

  • 1.1 Investigation on Pulsating Heat Pipe (PHP) Plate Heat Spreader for Electronics Cooling; Sai Kiran Hota, Advanced Cooling Technologies

  • 1.3 Single- and Multi-Voltage IC Circuit Thermal Runaway Analysis and Application; Sam Zhao, Broadcom

9:00–10:00 AM
Keynote Address
Driving Sustainablee Scaling of Compute to 2030
Tim Shedd, Dell
10:00–10:20 AM
10:20 AM–12:00 PMTechnical Track 2 - Data Center Cooling

  • 2.1 Datacenter PUE Comparison: Direct Liquid Cooling vs. 2-Phase Immersion Cooling; Mark North, NVIDIA

  • 2.2 One Dimensional Flow Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Server Liquid Cooling System; Bharath Ram Ravi, Celestica

  • 2.3 Filter Characterization for Liquid Cooled Data Center; Himanshu Modi, University of Texas at Arlington

  • 2.4 Improved PIDNN for Server Fan Speed Control; Zheng Song, Intel Asia-Pacific Research & Development Ltd.

  • 2.5 Investigation of Flow Restrictors for Rack Level Two-Phase Cooling under Nonuniform Heating; Serdar Ozguc, Accelsius

Technical Track 3 - Testing and Measurement Methods

  • 3.1 Investigation of Relaxation and Recovery Effects in Solid Thermal Interface Materials Under Operation Conditions; Antonio Harder, Berliner Nanotest und Design GmbH

  • 3.2 Thermal Test Vehicle for Investigation of Thermal Path in Large Die Area Packages by Thermal Transient Impedance Analysis; Mohamad Abo Ras, Berliner Nanotest und Design GmbH

  • 3.3 Development of a Controlled Warpage Thermal Test Vehicle; Shourya Jain, Laird Performance Materials, DuPont

  • 3.4 Thermal Characterization of Multi-Source Devices: Dealing with Non-Linear Behavior; Dirk Schweitzer, Infineon Technologies AG

12:00–1:20 PM
U.S. Domestic Packaging and Test: The Difficulty and The Opportunity

Mr. Ken Joyce
1:20–1:30 PM
1:30–6:00 PM1:30–6:00 PM Vendor Exhibits2:00–5:00 PM Vendor Workshops
6:00–7:30 PMPanel Discussion: Artificial Intelligence and its Implication for Thermal Engineers; Driving the Thermal Demand
7:30–8:30 PM
8:00–8:20 AM
Opening Remarks
8:20–10:00 AMTechnical Track 4 - CFD / Numerical Methods

  • 4.2 Simulation of Solder Fatigue Effects on Typical BGA Package due to Material and Temperature Variations; James Petroski, Design by Analysis Technical Consulting

  • 4.3 Accurate Thermal Design of Chiplets in Heterogeneous Packaging by Embedding FANTASTIC BCI-ROMs in CFD Models; John Wilson, Siemens Digital Industries Software

  • 4.4 Evaluating the Thermal Performance of TPMS Structures: A Comparative Study between Pins, Fins and Gyroids in Electronics Cooling; Lieven Vervecken, Diabatix

  • 4.5 Modeling the Impact of Thermal Management on Electric Vehicle Energy Consumption and Driving Range; Timofey Golubev, ThermoAnalytics

10:00–10:20 AM
10:20 AM–12:00 PMTechnical Track 5 - Thermal Interface Materials

  • 5.1 Graphene Enhanced Thermal Interface Materials for Electronics Cooling Applications; Johan Liu, SHT Smart High Tech AB

  • 5.2 Liquid Metal Embedded Elastomers as Low-BLT Thermal Interface Materials; Keyton Feller, Arieca

  • 5.3 Innovative Metal TIM Technology for TIM1 in BGA Style Semiconductor Packages; Timothy Jensen, Indium Corporation

  • 5.4 Integration of Thermally Conductive Tacky Agents With Compressible Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) to Improve Thermal Performance; Miloš Lazić, Indium Corporation

  • 5.5 Advancements in Thermal Management Solutions for Electronics: The Role of Extrude to Fill (X2F) Technology; Troy Diaz, X2F

Technical Track 6 - Emerging Technologies

  • 6.1 Aluminum Boiling-driven Heat Spreader for High Heat Dissipation; Jungho Lee, Ajou University

  • 6.2 Thermal Management of Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Amplifiers used for Plasma Heating and Control; Sangeeta Vinoth, Princeton Fusion Systems

  • 6.3 Benefits and Challenges of PCM-based Thermal Management at the Die and Component Level; Meghavin Bhatasana, Purdue University

  • 6.4 Intrachip Cooling Channel Fabrication Using Photo-Electro-Chemical Etching;Stephen Schultz, Brigham Young University

12:00–1:20 PM
Luncheon: Professional Approaches to Scientific Communication and Digital Engagement
Sarah da Silva Andrade
1:20–1:30 PM
1:30–6:30 PM1:30–6:30 Vendor Exhibits2:00–5:00 Vendor Workshops
5:15–6:30 Exhibitor Reception
6:30–7:50 PM
Panel Discussion: Artificial Intelligence and its Implication for Thermal Engineers; Providing, Using, and Powering New Design Tools
8:00–8:20 AM
Opening Remarks
8:20–10:00 AMTechnical Track 7 - Two Phase Cooling I

  • 7.1 Innovative Examination of Composite PCM Capacitor; Raizner Motti, Rafael – Advanced Defense Systems

  • 7.2 Evaluation of Sub-Millimeter Thick Oscillating Heat Pipes for Space Constrained Electronics Applications; Corey Wilson, ThermAvant Technologies

  • 7.3 A New Edge Micro Data Center and its Passive Thermosyphon Cooling Systemat TUe: Cooling System Thermal Performance Tests; John R. Thome, JJ Cooling Innovation Sàrl

  • 7.4 Heat Spreading Using Bubble Pumping in a Thermal Ground Plane; Hootan Rahimi, University of Texas at Dallas

  • 7.5 A Thermal Performance Characterization Method for Thin Vapor Chambers by Photonics Technologies; Kuang-Yu Hsu, T-Global Technology Co.

10:00–10:20 AM
10:20–11:00 AMTechnical Track 8 - Two Phase Cooling II

  • 8.1 In Vehicle Validation of a Loop Heat Pipe Used for Cooling an ADAS Compute Module; Olivier de Laet, Calyos

  • 8.2 A Gallium Liquid Metal Phase Change Composite for Transient Thermal Management; Rachel C. McAfee, DEVCOM US Army Research Laboratory

11:00 AM–12:00 PM
Thermi Award Recipient Address
12:00–1:20 PM
Luncheon: Awards Presentations and Closing Comments