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Dynamic Rack Power Provision to Optimize Rack Power Performance Heat Sink Song, Chuan Jiang, Feng; Liang, Xiaoguo; Zhao, Zheng; Liu, Xingxing; Sun, Yanbing; Ahuja, Nishi; Kumar, Mohan J; Zhou, Xiang; Li, Xiaozhong; Zhang, Lifei Power Capping, RAPL (Running Average Power limiting), Peak shaving, Battery Backup System(BBS), Dynamic Rack Power Provision (DRPP), Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) VIEW
Developing an Empirical Correlation for the Thermal Spreading Resistance of a Heat Sink Thermal Design Andrew Werdowatz Nicole Okamoto and Hussameddine Kabbani Thermal spreading resistance, heat sink VIEW
In Search of a Quiet Fan Application David A. Nelson Richard W. Bonner III Cooling fan, acoustics, sound power VIEW
Using SMT Chip Resistors Beyond Their Rated Thermal Specification Application Jeevan Kanesalingam1 Fabian Kung Emissivity, thermal camera, derating, SMT Resistor VIEW
Thermal Resistance of Electrical Insulation for Bolted and Clamped Discrete Power Devices Thermal Characterization Mikel Garcia-Poulin Mehran Ahmadi, Majid Bahrami, Eric Lau, and Chris Botting Transistor Mounting, Thermal Measurement, High Voltage VIEW
Use of High Conductivity Spreaders on the Back of Single-Sided PCB to Enhance Heat Transfer and Thermal Capacitance in Electronics Systemsnn Heat Spreader Joshua Een Joshua Een Heat spreader, transient response, steady state VIEW
Application of Thermal Network Approach to Electrical-Thermal Co-simulation and Chip-Package-Board Extraction Simulation Software Fengyun Zhao Yuanbin Cai, Zipeng Luo, An-Yu Kuo, Xin Ai, C. T. Kao and Zhemin Zhuang System level, electrical-thermal, dynamic thermal model VIEW
Lightweight and High-Performance Air-Cooled Heat Sinks Heat Sink Mohammad Reza Shaeri Richard W. Bonner III Heat sink, perforated fin, Pumping power, Thermal resistance VIEW
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Analysis of Natural Frequency Dependency on Temperature Variation of MEMS Vibratory Gyroscope Jacek Nazdrowicz Andrzej Napieralski MEMS, vibratory gyroscope, spring constant, damping coefficient, natural frequency, temperature dependency VIEW
Battery Discharge Capacity Calculation by Temperature Measurement Jeevan Kanesalingam Khoo Li Lian Capacity, battery, temperature VIEW
Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Evaporative Heat Transfer on Graphene Coated Silicon Substrate for Electronics Cooling Binjian Ma Shan Li, Damena Agonafer, Baris Dogruoz VIEW
Thermal Performance of Metal Foam Heat Sink with Pin Fins for Non-Uniform Heat Flux Electronics Cooling Yongtong Li Liang Gong, Minghai Xu, Yogendra Joshi Metal foam heat sink, heat transfer, numerical simulation VIEW
A Methodology to Determine the Sites of Variability in an LED Assembly Robin Bornoff Thomas Mérelle, Josephine Sari, Alessandro Di Bucchianico, Gabor Farkas LED, Structure Function, Variation VIEW
Exploring Heatpipe Configurations for Package On Package (PoP) Cooling Dr. Sankarananda Basak PoP, PCB, TIM, Heat pipe VIEW
Transient Analysis Overshoot in Temperature for High Power Thermal Solutions Javier Avalos Enrique Barreto Transient, heat sink, fan speed control VIEW
Simulation-Based Optimization of Data Center Cooling Performance Using Performance Indicators John Petrongolo Kourosh Nemati and Kamran Fouladi VIEW
Implementation of a Multi-domain LED Model and its Application for Optimized LED Luminaire Design János Hegedüs Gusztáv Hantos, Robin Bornoff, Márta Rencz, András Poppe LED mult-domain modelling, compact modelling, SPICE models, spreadsheet application VIEW
The Impact of Anodization on the Thermal Performance of Passively Cooled Electronic Enclosures Made of Die-cast Aluminum Zhongchen Zhang Michael Collins, Chris Botting, Eric Lau, Majid Bahrami Thermal radiation, Natural Convection, Anodization, Electronic cooling VIEW