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Increased System Performance and Reduced Surface Touch (Skin) Temperature in Mobile Electronics Utilizing Composites of Graphite with Ultra-High Spreading Capacity and Insulation with Ultra-Low Thermal Conductivity Mitchell Warren Julian Norley, John Allen, Jonathan Taylor, Lindsey Keen Graphite, ultra-high spreading capacity, insulation, ultra-low thermal conductivity, composite, heat spreader, thermal conductivity, thickness, surface touch (skin) temperature VIEW
Inclination Angle Effects on Dual Cool Jet Heat Transfer Sophia Brodish Matthew Harrison, Ali Haider, Ted Brekken, Joshua Gess Synthetic jets, piezoelectric fans, pulsed flow, forced convection, air cooling VIEW
DNN-based Fast Static On-chip Thermal Solver Jimin Wen Stephen Pan, Norman Chang, Wen-Tze Chuang, Wenbo Xia, Deqi Zhu, Akhilesh Kumar, En-Cih Yang, Karthik Srinivasan, Ying-Shun Li DNN, CFD, FEM, system-level thermal, DeltaT Predictor, power map, chip thermal profile VIEW
Transient Thermal Model for a Wearable Device in Contact with Human Skin Bruce Guenin Biological, Medical, Thermal, Pennes Model, Wearable Electronic Devices VIEW
Thermal Acceptability Limits for Wearable Electronic Devices Mark Hepokoski Allen Curran, Timothy Viola, and Alex Ockfen Wearable, Skin Temperature VIEW
An Alternative Design for a Home Wireless Router Raul Vargas Justin Dixon, Md MalekkulIslam Alternative Design, Wireless Router, Thermal Design VIEW
Self-Heating Investigation in SOI MOSFET Structures with High Thermal Conductivity Buried Insulator Layers Konstantin Petrosyants Dmitry Popov SOI MOSFETs, buried oxide (BOX), buried insulator layers, thermal conductivity, self-heating, power dissipation VIEW
Experimental Validation of a Numerically-Optimized Array of Heat Sinks Georgios Karamanis Marc Hodes CFD, FNM, MVO VIEW
CFD Investigation of Dispersion of Airborne Particulate Contaminants in a Raised Floor Data Center Satyam Saini Pardeep Shahi, Pratik Bansode, Ashwin Siddarth, Dereje Agonafer CFD, Particle Transport, Data Center, Servers, Contamination VIEW
An Experimental Apparatus for Two -phase Cooling of High Heat Flux Application using an Impinging Cold Plate and Dielectric Coolant Cong Hiep Hoang Sadegh Khalili, Bharath Ramakrisnan, Srikanth Rangarajan, Yaser Hadad, Vahideh Radmard, Kamal Sikka, Scott Schiffres, Bahgat Sammakia Two-phase cooling; microchannel; boiling VIEW
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An Ultra-Thin Loop Heat Pipe with Long-Distance Heat Transport for Cooling of Small Electronic Devices Shuto Tomita Ai Ueno, Hosei Nagano Loop heat pipes, electronics cooling, two-phase cooling VIEW
Relative Performance of Two-Phase vs Solid Conductive Heat Spreaders for High Heat Flux Applications Mr. Joe Boswell Dr. Corey Wilson, Mr. Josh Schorp, and Mr. Dan Pounds VIEW
Airflow Management Using Active Air Dampers in Presence of a Dynamic Workload in Data Centers Sadegh Khalili Ghazal Mohsenian, Anuroop Desu, Kanad Ghose, Bahgat Sammakia Airflow Management, Active Control, Air Damper, Dynamic Workload, CRAH, Blower, Chiller, PUE, MLC VIEW
Thermal Diffusivity Characterization of Thick Graphite Foils Rick Beyerle Martin Smalc, Rajath Kantharaj, Jonathan Taylor, Julian Norley Graphite, Thermal Diffusivity VIEW
Heat Pumps to Upgrade Data Center Waste Heat:Integration with 2-Phase Cooling Steven G. Schon Rehan Khalid, Aaron P. Wemhoff, Alfonso Ortega Two Phase VIEW
High Performance Lightweight Ceramic Material for Thermal Management in Electronic Devices Bei Xiang Chandra Raman and Xiang Liu VIEW
Performance of Durable High-Performance Polymer Composite TIMs Under Accelerated Aging Conditions Hyungyung Jo John Howarter VIEW
Research on Package Thermal Resistance of Power Semiconductor Devices Koji Nishi Power Electronics, Semiconductor, DPAK Package, Thermal Resistance, Thermal Management VIEW
Mechanical Cycling Reliability Testing of Thermal Interface Materials for Semiconductor Test David L. Saums Tim Jensen, Carol Gowans, Ron Hunadi, Mohamad Abo Ras Thermal resistance, thermal interface, semiconductor test, durability, cycling, device under test VIEW
Development of a 3D Printed Loop Heat Pipe Bradley Richard William G. Anderson, Joel Crawmer Loop Heat Pipe, Additive Manufacturing, Wick, CubeSats, Thermal Management VIEW
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Smart Pole Active Electronics Thermal Solution Mark Hendrix Smart, Smart Pole, VIEW
Modeling and Testing of Heat Pipe Orientation Angle Salar Effati Heat Pipe, Testing, Modeling VIEW
Developments in Thermal Materials for Power Semiconductors David L. Saums Thermal Materials, Power Semiconductors VIEW
Large-Scale Integrated Photonics for Accelerated Communication and Computing Ray Beausoleil Keynote VIEW