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Thermal Performance of Metal Foam Heat Sink with Pin Fins for Non-Uniform Heat Flux Electronics Cooling
In this paper, a concept of metal foam heat sink with pin fins (MFPF heat sink) is presented to improve the cooling performance of high powered electronics with non-uniform heat flux. Numerical simulation is carried out to investigate the MFPF heat sink on the thermal and hydraulic performances in comparison to metal foam heat sink, and traditional pin fin heat sink. The thermal effectiveness of MFPF heat sink is demonstrated by comparing its temperature control capability with the baseline configurations. Based on this, the MFPF heat sink is employed to remove the non- uniform heat flux to ensure the electronic devices operation below a specified maximum temperature. MFPF heat sink under several different power levels are also examined. Results show that MFPF heat sink effectively improves the thermal performance and make the bottom wall temperature more uniform. The thermal performance of metal foam heat sink is more sensitive to porosity than pore density. A local heat flux of 100 W/cm2 is successfully dissipated using the proposed MFPF heat sink with the junction temperature below 90 °C.n
Yongtong Li
Other Author
Liang Gong, Minghai Xu, Yogendra Joshi

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