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Implementation of a Multi-domain LED Model and its Application for Optimized LED Luminaire Design
In the Industry 4.0 era digitalization of design and manufacturing processes is taking place. The aim of the Del- phi4LED H2020 ECSEL R&D project of the EU is to trigger such a transition in the solid-state lighting industry by developing testing and modelling methodologies aimed at multi-domain characterization of LED based products at different levels of integration along the SSL supply chain. Key to the support of the fully digitalized LED luminaire design process is the appropriate implementation of a chip level LED multi-domain model that can be used in design tools which are widely available both for SMEs and big international companies. In this paper, we present the latest implementation of BME’s chip level multi-domain LED model and its application in an spreadsheet based simulation tool. The model has been successfully tested through the first demonstrator design of the Delphi4LED project.
János Hegedüs
Other Author
Gusztáv Hantos, Robin Bornoff, Márta Rencz, András Poppe

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