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An Ultra-Thin Loop Heat Pipe with Long-Distance Heat Transport for Cooling of Small Electronic Devices
In this paper, an ultra-thin loop heat pipe is proposed for small electronic devices. The thin LHP (TLHP) was designed, fabricated, and tested to meet the heat dissipation requirements of small or thin electronic devices. The proposed LHP with an evaporator thickness of 1.0 mm has a one-way heat transport length of 200mm, and a heat transport capability above 10 W. The test results showed that the TLHP could be transferred up to 12 W and maximum temperature of the heater is about 90 °C. The TLHP showed stable operation at different power cycles with a heat load of 5-10 W. Hysteresis is not confirmed after three cycles of the heat load.
Shuto Tomita
Other Author
Ai Ueno, Hosei Nagano

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