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AI Technology

AI Technology, Inc. has more than 25 years of experience and successes in helping military, aerospace, computer, and super-computer manufacturers with thermal compound and thermal interface materials for building some of the most reliable electronic devices and computers. Since pioneering the use of flexible epoxy technology for microelectronic packaging in 1985, AI Technology, Inc. has been one of the leading forces in development of patented applications of advanced material and adhesive solutions for electronic interconnection and packaging. The company continues to provide adhesive solutions for component and substrate bonding for both military and commercial applications. It’s thermal interface material solutions of patented phase-change thermal pads, thermal grease and gels and thermal adhesives set many bench marks of performance and reliability for power semiconductor and modules, computer and communication electronics.


Alpha Novatech

Alpha Novatech, Inc. is your partner for Thermal Solutions.

We offer a wide variety of standard heat sinks and accessories. Our product line includes natural convection, forced convection, and active heat sinks. We also offer various attachment methods and hardware for almost any application. In addition, we can offer free heat sink thermal simulations. Standard or custom heat sinks in prototype to production quantities Quick and easy customization without NRE fees, while featuring short lead times Standard parts are carried in stock Lead time for custom parts of 1-2 weeks is possible for initial quantities.

Analysis Tech


Semiconductor Thermal Testers: Complete measurement systems for device thermal resistance, impedance, & die-attach quality using transient & steady state electrical-junction temperature-measurement.   Transient structure function analysis is used to delineate internal-package resistances & measure Rjc via JEDEC 51-14.   Power Cycling systems for device life-testing with automatic monitoring of thermal deterioration with age.  Test services offered.

Thermal Interface Material Testers: ASTM D5470 based testers offering fast & accurate measurement of thermal conductivity & contact resistance of electronic-packaging materials over a wide range of thickness, pressure, & temperature.  Test services offered.

Event Detectors: Electrical reliability-testers for passive interconnects including solder joints & connectors, with easy integration to thermal-cycle, drop-test, shock, and vibration gear; based on JEDEC and IPC standards for interconnect reliability testing


ANSYS is the leading provider of electronic cooling, electromagnetic field, circuit and system simulation software for the design of high-performance electronic equipment. Companies throughout the world rely on ANSYS software to solve thermal integrity, mechanical reliability, signal integrity, power integrity and EMI challenges in IC, package and PCB and perform power optimization in custom IC’s. Ansys develops open and flexible simulation solutions that enable users to simulate design performance directly on the desktop, providing a common platform for fast, efficient and cost-effective product development, from design concept to final-stage testing and performance validation. Engineers rely on ANSYS to achieve first-pass system success when designing mobile communication devices, broadband networking components and systems, integrated circuits (ICs), printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electromechanical systems. ANSYS’ unique multiphysics platform provides a highly-accurate design flow for fast, efficient and simulation driven product development.

Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Cadence enables electronic systems and semiconductor companies to create the innovative end products that are transforming the way people live, work and play. Cadence® software, hardware and semiconductor IP are used by customers to deliver products to market faster. The company’s System Design Enablement strategy helps customers develop differentiated products—from chips to boards to systems—in mobile, consumer, cloud datacenter, automotive, aerospace, IoT, industrial and other market segments. Cadence is listed as one of Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. Learn more at cadence.com.

Celsia Inc.

Celsia specializes in custom heat sink design and manufacturing using liquid two-phase devices: heat pipes and vapor chambers. Through its US headquarters and Taiwan design & production facility, the company’s goal is to deliver fast, affordable, and reliable thermal solutions for the most demanding applications including high density electronics, performance CPU / GPU, amplifiers, HBLEDs, ASICS, and rugged systems.  In recent years, Celsia has shipped over 2.5 million thermal assemblies to a global custom base in the telecommunications, computer, test equipment, defense, laser, and medical markets.

CEJN North America

CEJN North America, the Quick Connect Solution Provider, delivers couplings and solutions for your liquid cooling needs. Our Leak-Free, Non-Drip coupling series offers high flow and minimal pressure drop; and Blind Mating options range from DN 3 to DN 19. CEJN’s new UltraFlow Series features an extremely high flow combined with an unequalled low pressure drop. Customized solutions are also available. At CEJN, we develop our products for a future in liquid cooled data centers. Contact us: PHONE: 847-263-7200, by email: customer.service,usa@cejn.com, or via www.cejn.us.



At COFAN USA, we keep your hot technology cool. COFAN USA is an industry leading manufacturer in thermal management solutions with inhouse thermal engineering team providing thermal simulation service and consultation to our customers. With more than 20 years of expertise, we’ve had the pleasure of serving a diverse customer base in many industries. We offer quick turnaround product inquiries and prototyping services. We pride ourselves in giving the best possible customer service, the highest quality products with the shortest lead time, and competitive pricing in the industry. To learn more about us, please visit www.cofan-usa.com



CPC thinks beyond the point of connection to help protect valuable electronics. Designed specifically for liquid cooling applications, rugged couplings withstand long periods of connection yet disconnect reliably without drips.


Delta Products Corporation

The Delta Fan and Thermal Products Group designs and builds innovative cooling systems that perform at the highest levels – even in the harshest environments.

The Delta Fan and Thermal product line offers a full range of DC axial fans, blowers, heat pipes, vapor chambers and liquid cooler products.

The unique patented design and innovative structure greatly increases cooling performance and reduces system noise. Delta fans and thermal products can be found worldwide, serving a wide range of industries and organizations. Highly efficient cooling solutions can be customized to fit the needs of virtually any business


Electronics Cooling

Electronics Cooling®

Electronics Cooling® magazine has been providing practical education in the field of thermal management of electronics since 1997. We cover the most common thermal management solutions including materials, techniques, components and devices, and their associated thermal properties used in electronics packaging. Electronics Cooling® is published by ITEM Media.


Element Six Technologies

Element Six, a De Beers Company, designs, develops and produce diamond supermaterials. Poly- and single crystal diamond products and composites are used in fine machining and polishing applications. New technologies using CVD diamond include thermal management for laser diodes, power devices, RF amplifiers and resistors. Element Six also manufactures high power laser optics, beam splitters, IR spectroscopy accessories and high energy radiation sensors.


Fujikura Kasei

Fujikura Kasei Co. Ltd. is the global supplier of coatings for automotive and electronic parts with its history reaching 80th anniversary this year.

We have developed thermal radiation clear-coating which can easily increase the emissivity of substrates by applying the coating.

Since its paint film has higher emissivity than anodized aluminum, our coating can offer strong support for advancement in performance of heat emitting materials.

With its advantage being in a form of coating, we can also offer flexible solution for various shape and substrates as well as physical property needs.

For anyone who is looking for some countermeasure for thermal issues, please visit our booth as we can propose optimal coating choices.

Fujipoly America

Fujipoly is a world leader in the manufacture of Sarcon® Thermal Interface Materials, which are used to help keep sensitive electronic components cool by eliminating the air gap between the component and heat sink. Our products range in thermal conductivity from 1.0m watt/m-K to 17 watt/m-K, offering some of the lowest thermal resistance in the industry. Our product line-up consists of soft Gap Filler Pads, Conformable Putties, Form-In-Place Gap Fill Materials, as well as custom and standard die-cut thin film materials. Our wide range of material types, coupled with the widest range of thermal conductivity, allows us to meet most design criteria. Fujipoly has nine locations in North America, Europe, and Asia making it easy for us to assist our customers at the local level.


Future Faciltities

We set Future Facilities up to deliver the power of engineering simulation into the hands of an emerging data center industry. We created a tool optimized for data centers, designed to be used by the DC professional, and made it powerful, intelligent, automated and connected. Five years later, we tuned our technology to deliver the same benefits to the thermal management of electronics and provide an integrated toolset for these two converging industries. We develop engineering simulation software that allows our customers to quantify and qualify business decisions balancing risk against cost. Our offering covers the full spectrum starting from electronics design to data center design and operations. Our software provides a safe, offline environment in which to create virtual prototypes, troubleshoot existing designs and run what-if scenarios for future configurations.

Indium Corporation

Indium Corporation is a premier materials manufacturer and supplier to the global electronics, semiconductor, thin-film, and thermal management markets. Products include solders and fluxes; brazes; thermal interface materials; sputtering targets; indium, gallium, germanium, and tin metals and inorganic compounds; and NanoFoil®. Founded in 1934, Indium has global technical support and factories located in China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the USA.


For more information about Indium Corporation, visit www.indium.com or email abrown@indium.com. You can also follow our experts, From One Engineer To Another® (#FOETA), at www.facebook.com/indium or @IndiumCorp.



KULR’s proprietary carbon fiber-based architecture replaces less efficient aluminum and copper based heat spreaders and exchangers, which are energy intensive and less environmentally friendly to produce. Carbon fiber thermal interface materials are superior alternatives to particle based thermal interface materials for higher performance, lower contact pressure, higher compliance, and longer reliability.



Long Win

Long Win specializes in research, design, manufacture and service of scientific instruments for thermal managing, material & fluid mechanic and educational fields. Long Win holds a leading position on research, measurement and inspection apparatus for the electronic cooling market. Some of their product lines include thermal-related measurement apparatus for fan performance, TIMs, cooler modules, heat pipes, vapor chambers, IC packages, LEDs, liquid cooling, thermal and flow test for servers, racks and data center, and natural-convection simulation. They have more than 100 types of apparatus in their 18,000 sq. ft. lab which is located in Taiwan and a lab based in Livermore, California.




As a leader in electronic liquid cooling system, Man Zai offers a wide range of thermal modules for CPU, VGA, LED, Bio-Chemical and automotive electronic device. The thermal team is equipped with state of the art hardware and software, which includes wind tunnel testing, hydraulic test equipment, simulation software, helium & air leakage test equipment and ultra-high-speed pre-filling technology. We are able to establish long-term relationships with several world-wide famous brand names. The quality system and sophisticated R&D capability in Man Zai will provide our customers the best thermal solution.


MSC Software

Software Cradle is a leading provider of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software including SC/Tetra (general purpose unstructured mesh), scSTREAM (general purpose Cartesian mesh), and HeatDesigner (Cartesian mesh for electronics). Since inception in 1984, Cradle has established itself as a major innovator that is advancing the role of simulation in engineering design. Our software products are well known for ease of use, exceptionally fast and powerful meshing, efficient solvers, sophisticated physical models, and professional post processing. In 2016, Software Cradle has joined MSC Software Corporation, the worldwide leader in the field of multidiscipline simulation.


Mentor Graphics Corporation – Mechanical Analysis

Mentor Graphics – Mechanical Analysis provides leading electronics cooling software, FloTHERM® & FloTHERM® XT, and MicReD® thermal measurement test solutions to support faster development of reliable products.

Learn about compressing the thermal design process via seamless handling of complex CAD geometry and detailed PCB data allowing earlier, robust simulation.  Hot topics include improved rotating geometry modeling (Fans), design of experiments, New SmartPart capabilities, automatic package model calibration, more …..

Semiconductor Thermal Characterization (incl. Rth ), Failure Diagnosis and Manufacturing Defect Identification – MicReD® T3STer® thermal transient test technology provides accurate, fast, repeatable measurement (JEDEC JESD51-14 compliant). Learn about using Structure Functions, Rth-Cth profiles of the heat flow path from junction to ambient, and automatic IC package model calibration using FloTHERM.  Solutions include TeraLED® for LED lighting thermal/radiometric characterization, DynTIM™ for Thermal Interface Materials and the Power Tester™ range for power semiconductor reliability and lifetime prediction (e.g IGBTs), combining active power cycling and thermal degradation identification.


Package Science Services

We are IC packaging experts. Decades of experience support development of standard and custom high performance IC packages that precisely match the performance of your chip or device on time and within your budget. Our engineering teams provide package selection, design, layout, prototype, and production solutions. Design, modeling and simulation tools are used for signal and power integrity, thermal/mechanical, and manufacturing process simulation and analysis. To close the loop, thermal and electrical test labs provide in-house validation and testing services. Located in Santa Clara, CA. Contact us and come by for a tour of our labs and discuss how we can help you solve your IC packaging challenges.

Shin-Etsu MicroSi

Shin-Etsu MicroSi is the leader in Thermal Interface Material, we have also developed an extensive line of Molding Compounds, Encapsulants, Silicon and Epoxy coatings along with die Attachment Materials. The quality of our thermal interface material is among the most advanced in semiconductor manufacturing and has a wide range of use in thermal interface material applications. Some of which include thermal gels and grease, phase change materials, and high hardness silicone rubber pads. Shin-Etsu products are delivered globally to many major and minor companies involved in the fabrication process of electronics and microelectronics.


Solid State

Solid State Technology

Solid State Technology is part of the Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design Network which includes the SemiMD portal, www.semiMD.com. Solid State Technology reaches the largest, most qualified community of decision makers for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing through the magazine, email newsletters, website, webcasts and The ConFab Conference & Networking event which will be held at The Hotel del Coronado in San Diego May 14th – 17th, 2017. Topics covered include Advanced Packaging, MEMS, LEDs, Displays, and Materials as well as current trends in the industry. Visit us here www.solid-state.com.



Stäubli is an innovative mechatronics solutions provider with three dedicated activities: Connectors, Robotics and Textile. With a workforce of over 4500, Stäubli has a presence in 25 countries and agents in 50 countries around the world. As one of the leading manufacturers of quick connector systems, Stäubli covers connection needs for all types of fluids, gases and electrical power.  These standard or specific products – including single and multiple connectors, tool changers and quick mold change systems – combine  performance, quality, safety, dependability and durability.


t-Global Technology Limited

T-Global Technology is dedicated to the development, manufacture and research of total thermal solution and materials including heat sink, heat pipes, vapor chamber, thermoelectric cooling chip, fan, TIMs and thermal simulation service.

We provide our customers with rapid sampling, customized manufacturing and professional technical support. With rich experience in research and development, T-Global is already become the designated and direct supplier of over 2,500 enterprises worldwide.

Over 15 years, T-Global keeps on providing customers with high quality products by using own innovation which is already become a total thermal solution expert now.


Thermal Engineering Associates

TEA is a company founded by Bernie Siegal, a 35+-year veteran and recognized technical leader in the semiconductor thermal field. The company’s mission is to provide a central source for the products and services necessary for proper semiconductor thermal measurement and modeling and solutions to attendant thermal management problems. Through its own products and services, augmented by an extensive network of technical experts around the world, TEA can assist customers in finding solutions. The Tech Briefs and Hot Links pages provide useful information to those interested in semiconductor and electronics thermal issues. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your thermally-related measurement, modeling and/or management requirements.

W.l. Gore & Associates

W. L. Gore & Associates is a global materials science company dedicated to transforming industries and improving lives. Founded in 1958, Gore has built a reputation for solving complex technical challenges in the most demanding environments.