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Alpha Novatech Booth #300

Alpha Novatech, Inc. is your partner for Thermal Solutions. We offer a wide variety of standard heat sinks and accessories. Our product line includes natural convection, forced convection, and active heat sinks. We also offer various attachment methods and hardware for almost any application. In addition, we can offer free heat sink thermal simulations. Standard or custom heat sinks in prototype to production quantities Quick and easy customization without NRE fees, while featuring short lead times Standard parts are carried in stock Lead time for custom parts of 1-2 weeks is possible for initial quantities.


Analysis Tech #201

Semiconductor Component Thermal Testers. Complete measurement systems for thermal resistance, impedance, & die-attach quality using transient & steady state electrical-junction temperature-measurement. All device types: diodes, LEDs, thrystors, MOSFETs, bipolars, IGBTs, functional ICs. Structure function analysis is used to delineate internal-package resistances & measure Rjc via JEDEC 51-14. Test services offered. Thermal Interface Material Testers (TIM Testers) ASTM D5470 based testers offering fast & accurate measurement of thermal conductivity & contact resistance of electronic-packaging materials over a wide range of thickness, pressure, & temperature. Test services offered. Event Detectors Electrical reliability-testers for passive interconnects including solder joints & connectors, with easy integration to thermal-cycle, drop-test, shock, and vibration gear; based on JEDEC and IPC standards for interconnect reliability testing.



Ansys Booth #403

ANSYS is the global leader in engineering simulation. We help the world’s most innovative companies deliver radically better products to their customers. By offering the best and broadest portfolio of engineering simulation software, we help them solve the most complex design challenges and engineer products limited only by imagination. ANSYS Chip-Package-System (CPS) workflow helps designers deliver smaller, power efficient, more portable devices. ANSYS CPS has powerful 3-D layout assembly features, linkage to IC models, and automated thermal analysis with integrated structural analysis.

AOS_Thermal logo

AOS Thermal Booth #405

AOS Thermal Compounds manufactures non-silicone thermal interface materials; greases, pads and gap fillers. Greases include low bond line materials with the lowest thermal resistance, pump-out resistance, high temperature resistance, and high thermal conductivity for thicker film applications and gap filling. AOS’s unique Micro-Faze thermal pads are not PCM’s and offer low thermal resistance and zero pump out.


Celsia Technologies Booth #503

Celsia designs and manufactures thermal solutions using liquid two phase cooling devices. The company’s executives were among the innovators in mass produced, cost approachable heat pipes and vapor chambers. In the mid-1980’s they established some of the largest heat pipe facilities in Asia. By the 1990’s, sights were turned to enhancing two phase technology with traditional two piece vapor chamber designs. And in the new millennium, they pioneered a low cost, easily manufactured one piece vapor chamber production method.

Through our US headquarters and Taiwan design & production facility, Celsia’s goal is to deliver fast, affordable, and reliable thermal solutions for the most demanding applications. We specialize in custom heat sink assemblies using two phase devices for the telecommunication, networking, computer, medical, defense, and auto industries, among others.

In recent years, the company has shipped over 2 million parts into products ranging from base stations and servers to performance graphics cards and LED lighting systems. We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of two phase devices, providing products as thin as 1mm or capable of handling up to 1,000 w/cm2.


CFturbo Booth #409

The German based company CFturbo Software & Engineering GmbH offers sophisticated software and engineering solutions for conceptual design of Turbomachinery components like impellers, vaned and vaneless stators and volutes or complete Turbomachinery stages. CFturbo® software can be used to design axial, radial and mixed-flow pumps, blowers, compressors and turbines, as well as for diffusers, stators, return channels and volutes. Recently new developed modules to create axial fans, axial turbines, axial pumps and inducers allow the design of a greater variety of Turbomachinery models then before. Additionally, the company offers a wide range of consulting and engineering services for Turbomachinery applications including design, simulation, optimization and prototyping. Experimental investigation on Turbomachinery can be provided with experienced partners.


Colder Products Booth #400

CPC provides quick disconnect couplings, fittings and connectors for use with tubing in low-pressure fluid-handling applications offering innovative standard and custom solutions for life sciences, bioprocessing, specialty industrial and chemical handling.


Degree Controls Booth #202

DegreeC engineers airflow and delivers innovative solutions to thermal issues in a variety of mission-critical applications. We make environmental sensors, instruments for system performance testing, and control solutions that deliver precise air flow where and when it is needed most. We do this at all scales of system infrastructure from miniature sensors for process controls in circuit board environments to comprehensive ventilation and cooling system controls for critical facilities.


DENKA Corp Booth #404

DENKA Thermally Conductive Sheet and DENKA Thermally Conductive Spacer are adequate for the heat dissipation for PCs, Tablets, Audio Visual equipments, Auto-motives, etc. DENKA HITTPLATE and AN PLATE are high thermally conductive substrate. DENKA ALSINK is highly reliability base plate. These are widely used for Electric-Trains, Auto-motives, Consumers, etc. in the world.


Electronics Cooling Magazine Booth #105

Electronics Cooling is dedicated to Thermal Management in the Electronics Industry. A leading digital publication in the industry, Electronics Cooling provides practical information and solutions to problems directly applicable to thermal design in today’s electronic equipment. At Electronics-Cooling.com you will find technical data on pertinent properties of thermal materials (TIMs) for use in thermal analysis, thermal management, and thermal packaging.


ESI Booth #302

ESI is a world-leading provider of Virtual Prototyping software and services with a strong foundation in the physics of materials and Virtual Manufacturing. ESI-PRESTO is thermal simulation for electronics… reimagined. It’s time to move beyond the cumbersome set-up process and unlock the full potential of simulation. CAD to simulation results in a fraction of the time, sensitivity analysis in 1 run, quick and easy DoE’s through multi-parameter exploration, automatic body-conforming meshing, and 1D modelling for traces, vias, and bumps, are just some of the benefits. By benefiting from this information early in the process, enterprises know whether a product can be built, and whether it will meet its performance and certification objectives, before any physical prototype is built. To enable customer innovation, ESI’s solutions integrate the latest technologies allowing companies to bring products to life before they even exist.


Fujipoly Booth #301

Fujipoly is a global manufacturing company specializing in electronic packaging components such as Zebra® Elastomeric Connectors, Sarcon® Thermal Interface Materials, and complex silicone rubber extrusions and co-extrusions. With nine locations in North America, Europe, and Asia, Fujipoly’s network is designed to supply products to customers quickly at the local level.


Future Facilities Booth #402

Future Facilities is a global company that provides thermal simulation software and consultancy for the electronics and data center industries. Founded in 2004, we are a team of the world’s leading thermal simulation engineers and scientists. Driven by the desire to be innovative and to offer the electronics design market a tool that was both intuitive and exceptionally powerful, we launched 6SigmaET. In the intervening years, we have refined and developed our suite of thermal simulation tools, rapidly becoming the gold standard to which competitors aspire. Future Facilities have offices in London, San Jose, New York, and Tokyo, as well as a global network of resellers.

Smart-Simulation Technology by Future Facilities – Electronics Thermal Evolved True innovation comes from looking at a problem from a different perspective, not by making incremental changes to outdated methodologies. For simulation software, this means that adding new features to an antiquated software architecture or promoting CAD-centric CFD is nothing new. Fortunately there is an alternative. 6SigmaET embeds our decades of experience creating CFD tools for the electronics industry to create the first Smart-Simulation technology – automating what an experienced thermal analyst does manually in traditional CFD tools. Backed by a modern, intuitive user environment, creating an accurate and stable CFD model is a breeze:

  • Familiar Microsoft Office ribbon-style menus and true drag and drop model creation.
  • Modelling objects that know what they are and how they interact, making physical and logical (CFD) connections for you.
  • Remove the pain and uncertainty in producing a quality mesh with automatic grid generation based on object oriented grid rules
  • MCAD data conveys the shape of an object but lacks embedded intelligence. Get the best of both worlds in ET by defining the CAD shape as an attribute of a native ET object.
  • Remove traditional restrictions on model size/complexity. Build 50M+ grid cell models that allow for unprecedented detail and solve in practical timescales.


Honeywell Booth #505

Honeywell Electronic Materials has served the semiconductor industry as a leading-edge materials supplier for more than 50 years. We provide critical materials to the Semiconductor and Display industries. With breakthrough packaging materials like our Phase Change Material (PCM) Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) and our Low Alpha Materials, our continuous investment in advanced research helps us meet your critical manufacturing needs. Honeywell is a leading supplier of TIMs, providing Phase Change Materials which are based on polymer systems with advanced filler technology that are proven to address critical thermal issues and provide long-term reliability performance with a low cost of ownership.


Jones Tech Booth #307 & #309

Jones Tech PLC is engaged in providing creative solution to improve the reliability of electronics equipments. Established in year 1997, with its rich R&D resources and manufacturing experience, Jones Tech has been serving telecommunications, medical electronics, IT, industrial machinery manufacturing, rail transportation and renewable energy.


Kitagawa Industries Booth #507

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America, Inc. (KITAGAWA KGS GROUP) is a global leading provider of EMI solution products, thermal solution products, shock/vibration management products as well as plastic components. Thermal solutions include Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) such as phase change gels, ultra-thin thermal films, as well as dual function EMI absorber and thermal pads. Our wide variety of silicone-free products is able to meet specific requirements for your applications. Some of the newest products include a very thin film-like CPVT series (great for space-conscious devices) and a super compliable series CPSS series (especially for those with varying component heights).



Long Win Booth #304

Long Win specializes in research, design, manufacture and service of scientific instruments for thermal managing, material & fluid mechanic and educational fields. Long Win holds a leading position on research, measurement and inspection apparatus for the electronic cooling market. Some of their product lines include thermal-related measurement apparatus for fan performance, TIMs, cooler modules, heat pipes, vapor chambers, IC packages, LEDs, and natural-convection simulation. They have more than 100 types of apparatus in their 18,000 sq. ft. lab which is located in Taiwan.


MA Electronics Booth #203

MA Electronics is a manufacturer of Thermal Interface Material (TIM), EMI Material and Power Supply. HQ in Singapore, it has factories in Malaysia, Thailand, China and Sales Office in the U.S. It has a Worldwide Sales Network to support and service major customers in different locations. We provide design and custom solution to meet customers’ requirement.


Materion Booth #506 & #508

Specialty ceramics & composite metal systems for thermal management enable customers to meet demanding performance requirements for strength, reliability, miniaturization, weight savings, and thermal dissipation. Visit our booth to learn about ceramics, including BeO, with thermal conductivities up to 325W/mK, and composite metals such as eStainless® offering the structural performance of steel and the thermal performance of aluminum. Materion is a premier advanced materials solutions provider committed to developing highly engineered systems for a wide range of markets worldwide.

malico LOGO

Malico Inc Booth #308

With on-going challenges in the thermal industry, Malico has become a leading innovator in designing unique material forming technologies. Along with our abundant OEM experiences Malico is committed to provide customers with world-class high quality products that are delivered in cost effective manner. Our customer’s support and interests are greatly appreciated.



Mechanical Devices Booth #407

Mechanical Devices is a global leader in temperature control solutions that are used primarily by semiconductor manufacturers to test their IC and wafer. A better choice in thermal-forcing technology for IC Testing, Characterization, Validation, Reliability, FA, ATE and Production.

Our small/potable/quiet, stand-alone, fluid-FREE, maintenance FREE, energy saving and cost effective temperature forcing units are used by leading semiconductor manufactures across the globe.


Mentor Graphics – Mechanical Analysis Division Booths #500 & 502

Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis is a world leader in CFD for electronics cooling simulation software and thermal test solutions for thermal characterization of semiconductor components.

In Electronics Cooling, thermal design process workflow and analysis accuracy is enhanced with Mentor Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software suited to your design processes and increasing needs for integration with EDA and mechanical disciplines for efficiency. Our tools suit applications and design processes for component to board and enclosure level thermal design through to data centers via products FloTHERM®, FloTHERM® XT, FloEFD™, FloVENT® and Flowmaster®

Accurate and repeatable thermal characterization of semiconductor devices is provided in the T3Ster® family of products. The thermal transient tester can be used to assess thermal performance, component quality and reliability for ICs, LEDs to power electronics devices. T3Ster is combined with the TeraLED® system for full LED thermal and radiometric/photometric characterization or DynTIM™ for Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) Characterization.


Netzch Instruments Booth #100

Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, and Specific Heat of Electronic Materials by Laser Flash and Xenon Flash featuring the new 16-sample LFA 467 HyperFlash covering -100C to +500C. Higher temperature Laser Flash systems also available. Thermal Analysis including DSC and TGA. Thermal Expansion by TMA and Dilatometry. Dielectric Analysis – DEA – for insitu cure monitoring of thermoset materials. Plus Contract Testing Services.


Package Science Services Booth #501

We are IC packaging experts. Decades of experience support development of standard and custom high performance IC packages that precisely match the performance of your chip or device on time and within your budget. Our engineering teams provide package selection, design, layout, prototype, and production solutions. Design, modeling and simulation tools are used for signal and power integrity, thermal/mechanical, and manufacturing process simulation and analysis. To close the loop, thermal and electrical test labs provide in-house validation and testing services. Located in Santa Clara, CA. Contact us and come by for a tour of our labs and discuss how we can help you solve your IC packaging challenges.


QuantaCool Booth #303

QuantaCool Corporation (QCC) has developed 2-phase passive cooling solutions for use in data centers and enthusiast computers that replaces traditional fan based air-cooling or water cooling systems. QCC will be featuring its new line of PolarBox™ and PolarRax™ high performance cooling systems at Semi-Therm 2016.


Quantum Focus Booth #205

Quantum Focus Instruments is an established world leader in Infrared thermal imaging and thermal analysis microscopy. TMX Scientific is a recognized world leader in Thermoreflectance-based temperature imaging and thermal property metrology.

QFI and TMX have joined forces to provide the microelectronics industry with an innovative, integrated temperature mapping system that combines the versatility of the Infrared InfraScope(TM) and the deep-submicron resolution of the Thermoreflectance T*Imager(TM). With a single integrated system, the demanding analyst can map the temperature fields of active devices from the macro to the nano scales without disturbing the device under test. Both the InfraScope and the T*Imager can perform either steady-state or transient measurements with high accuracy and repeatability. The integrated system can effortlessly switch measurement physics and vary wavelength of light to handle the full range of materials used in microelectronic devices. The system can capture up to 1000×1000 pixel images with a pixel size of 100 nm, which is the best achievable resolution on the market for a non-contact and non-invasive thermal measurement system. Additionally, the T*Imager is the only thermoreflectance-based system that delivers the power of pixel-by-pixel in situ calibration and adaptive device tracking for image immobilization.

As a result of these precise and potent capabilities, the integrated InfraScope – T*Imager system puts the power of detailed and accurate thermal characterization exactly where it is needed and with the scales necessary to resolve the important temperature gradients. This allows for the kind of thermal intelligence that empowers comprehensive solutions and puts an end to wasteful trial and error, enabling the busy thermal analyst to spend less time trying to figure out where the problem is, and more time solving it!


Schunk Hoffman Booth #206

Schunk Hoffmann Carbon Technology is a world leader in the development and production of carbon and graphite materials and components for the automotive and rail traction markets. Aluminium Graphite (ALG) is our new, cutting-edge product for the power electronics industry. This composite material combines the low coefficient of thermal expansion and density of graphite with the excellent thermal properties of aluminium to create an ideal thermal management solution in a wide range of high reliability applications. The excellent machinability of ALG allows for the production of customized parts, such as base plates, coolers or heat sinks, in various quantities.

Additionally, Schunk Hoffmann Carbon Technology offers several plating options to provide suitable surface finishes for further processing. This unique set of features, as well as an optimized cost-to-performance ratio, makes ALG the preferred thermal management solution in high reliability applications.


Shin-Etsu Booth #200

Shin-Etsu MicroSi is the leader in Thermal Interface Material, and we have developed an extensive line of Molding Compounds, Encapsulents, Silicon and Epoxy coatings along with die Attachment Material and Connectors. The quality of our thermal interface material is among the most advanced in semiconductor manufacturing and has a wide range of use in thermal interface material applications.


Shin-Etsu Silicones Booth #209

Shin-Etsu Silicones manufactures a wide variety of Thermal Interface Management (TIM) products in forms ranging from grease to solid rubber sheets.


Software Cradle Booth #401

Software Cradle is a leading provider of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software including SC/Tetra (general purpose unstructured mesh), scSTREAM (general purpose Cartesian mesh), and HeatDesigner (Cartesian mesh for electronics). Since inception in 1984, Cradle has established itself as a major innovator that is advancing the role of simulation in engineering design. Our software products are well known for ease of use, exceptionally fast and powerful meshing, efficient solvers, sophisticated physical models, and professional post processing. Cradle’s worldwide presence consists of offices in Japan, North America, France, and a network of distributors servicing and supporting all parts of the globe.


Stäubli Booth #101

Stäubli is an innovative mechatronics solutions provider with three dedicated divisions: Connectors, Textile and Robotics. With a workforce of over 4000, Stäubli has a presence in 25 countries and agents in 50 countries worldwide. As one of the leading manufacturers of quick connector systems, Stäubli covers connection needs for all types of fluids, gases and electrical power. These standard or specific products – including single and multiple connectors, tool changers and quick mold change systems – combine performance, quality, safety, dependability and durability.


Thermacore Booth #509

Founded in 1970, Thermacore specializes in the custom design, development and manufacturing of highly engineered thermal management systems and components for a variety of OEM applications across a diversified set of global markets that includes military/aerospace, computer, communication, energy conversion, medical and test equipment.



Thermal Engineering Associates Booth #501

TEA is a company founded by Bernie Siegal, a 35+-year veteran and recognized technical leader in the semiconductor thermal field. The company’s mission is to provide a central source for the products and services necessary for proper semiconductor thermal measurement and modeling and solutions to attendant thermal management problems. Through its own products and services, augmented by an extensive network of technical experts around the world, TEA can assist customers in finding solutions. The Tech Briefs and Hot Links pages provide useful information to those interested in semiconductor and electronics thermal issues. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your thermally-related measurement, modeling and/or management requirements.