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A Methodology to Determine the Sites of Variability in an LED Assembly Robin Bornoff Thomas Mérelle, Josephine Sari, Alessandro Di Bucchianico, Gabor Farkas s1p1-20 LED, Structure Function, Variation VIEW
Thermal Performance of Metal Foam Heat Sink with Pin Fins for Non-Uniform Heat Flux Electronics Cooling Yongtong Li Liang Gong, Minghai Xu, Yogendra Joshi s2p5-33 Metal foam heat sink, heat transfer, numerical simulation VIEW
Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Evaporative Heat Transfer on Graphene Coated Silicon Substrate for Electronics Cooling Binjian Ma Shan Li, Damena Agonafer, Baris Dogruoz s2p2-16 VIEW
Assessment of Critical Heat Flux on Finite Size Surfaces Under Pool Boiling Julia Reed Vijay K. Dhir s2p1-05 Maximum heat flux, pool boiling, finite surface, microstructure VIEW
Accurate Thermal Transient Measurements Interpretation of Monochromatic LEDs Alexeev Antonn Genevieve Martin, Grigory Onushkin, Jean-Paul Linnartz s1p2-29 LED, Secondary Heat Path, Dynamic Thermal Compact Model, Reliability, Thermal Transient Testing, Finite Element Analysis VIEW
Development of a 3D Printed Loop Heat Pipe Bradley Richard William G. Anderson, Joel Crawmer s4p2-35 Loop Heat Pipe, Additive Manufacturing, Wick, CubeSats, Thermal Management VIEW
Mechanical Cycling Reliability Testing of Thermal Interface Materials for Semiconductor Test David L. Saums Tim Jensen, Carol Gowans, Ron Hunadi, Mohamad Abo Ras s3p1-28 Thermal resistance, thermal interface, semiconductor test, durability, cycling, device under test VIEW
Research on Package Thermal Resistance of Power Semiconductor Devices Koji Nishi s5p2-11 Power Electronics, Semiconductor, DPAK Package, Thermal Resistance, Thermal Management VIEW
Performance of Durable High-Performance Polymer Composite TIMs Under Accelerated Aging Conditions Hyungyung Jo John Howarter s3p4-25 VIEW
High Performance Lightweight Ceramic Material for Thermal Management in Electronic Devices Bei Xiang Chandra Raman and Xiang Liu s3p3-08 VIEW