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Airflow Management Using Active Air Dampers in Presence of a Dynamic Workload in Data Centers Sadegh Khalili Ghazal Mohsenian, Anuroop Desu, Kanad Ghose, Bahgat Sammakia s8p3-40 Airflow Management, Active Control, Air Damper, Dynamic Workload, CRAH, Blower, Chiller, PUE, MLC VIEW
Analysis of Natural Frequency Dependency on Temperature Variation of MEMS Vibratory Gyroscope Jacek Nazdrowicz Andrzej Napieralski s7p1-44 MEMS, vibratory gyroscope, spring constant, damping coefficient, natural frequency, temperature dependency VIEW
Relative Performance of Two-Phase vs Solid Conductive Heat Spreaders for High Heat Flux Applications Mr. Joe Boswell Dr. Corey Wilson, Mr. Josh Schorp, and Mr. Dan Pounds s6p4-41 VIEW
An Ultra-Thin Loop Heat Pipe with Long-Distance Heat Transport for Cooling of Small Electronic Devices Shuto Tomita Ai Ueno, Hosei Nagano s6p2-26 Loop heat pipes, electronics cooling, two-phase cooling VIEW
The Impact of Anodization on the Thermal Performance of Passively Cooled Electronic Enclosures Made of Die-cast Aluminum Zhongchen Zhang Michael Collins, Chris Botting, Eric Lau, Majid Bahrami s4p1-01 Thermal radiation, Natural Convection, Anodization, Electronic cooling VIEW
Implementation of a Multi-domain LED Model and its Application for Optimized LED Luminaire Design János Hegedüs Gusztáv Hantos, Robin Bornoff, Márta Rencz, András Poppe s1p3-37 LED mult-domain modelling, compact modelling, SPICE models, spreadsheet application VIEW
Simulation-Based Optimization of Data Center Cooling Performance Using Performance Indicators John Petrongolo Kourosh Nemati and Kamran Fouladi s8p1-12 VIEW
Transient Analysis Overshoot in Temperature for High Power Thermal Solutions Javier Avalos Enrique Barreto s8p2-30 Transient, heat sink, fan speed control VIEW
Exploring Heatpipe Configurations for Package On Package (PoP) Cooling Dr. Sankarananda Basak s7p3-10 PoP, PCB, TIM, Heat pipe VIEW
Battery Discharge Capacity Calculation by Temperature Measurement Jeevan Kanesalingam Khoo Li Lian s7p2-07 Capacity, battery, temperature VIEW