Contacts for Presenters and Exhibitors

Del Valle, Marcelo, Program Chair –
Technical Program (Abstracts, Manuscripts and Presentations)

Joshua Gess, Program Vice Chair –
Contact for information on presenting Short Courses, How-To’s, Product Tear Downs

Bob Schuch, Sr. Operations Associate, SEMI-THERM –
For information on Exhibition Space and Vendor Workshops


Other Committee Contacts

George Meyer, CEO, Celsia Inc –

Pablo Hidalgo – (SEMI-THERM General Chair)

Ross Wilcoxon, Principal ME, Rockwell Collins –

Bill Maltz, President, Electronics Cooling Solutions –

Bernie Siegal, CEO, Thermal Engineering Associates –

Bonnie Crystall , CS Communications, Symposium Manager –

Veerendra Mulay, Thermal Engineer, Facebook –

Jim Wilson, Engineering Fellow, Raytheon –

Tom Tarter, President,  Package Science Services LLC –

Denise Rael, Marketing Manager SEMI-THERM –