Semiconductor Thermal Measurement, Modeling and Management Symposium



March 19-23, 2018

DoubleTree by Hilton, San Jose, CA, USA.

The Symposium

SEMI-THERM is an international symposium dedicated to the thermal management and characterization of electronic components and systems. The symposium fosters the exchange of knowledge between thermal engineers, professionals and leading experts from industry as well as the exchange of information on the latest academic and industrial advances in electronics thermal management.


Component to System Level Thermal Management
Novel Materials
Multi-physics Modeling and Characterization of Products and Processes
Packaging Materials
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Air Mover Technologies with Low Acoustics
Mechanical Modeling, Simulations and Characterization
Multi-Physics Based Reliability, including Accelerated Testing
Novel and Advanced Cooling Techniques/Technology
Roadmaps, Specifications and Traditional Cooling Limits
Characterization and Standardization of Material Property Measurements


  • Processors, ICs, and Memory, 3-D packaging
  • Internet of Things, Wireless, Network, Computing Systems
  • Data Centers, Portable and Consumer Electronics
  • Power Electronics, Harsh Environments
  • Commercial, Defense, and Aerospace Systems
  • Drones and Digital Cameras
  • Solid-State Lighting, Solid State Energy Generation/Cooling
  • Medical and Biomedical electronics, Instrumentation and Controls
  • Micro and Nano-scale devices, MEMS and sensors

Symposium Highlights

  • Dedicated sessions on various application areas
  • Half-day short courses (March 19th, 2018), embedded tutorials, technical vendor workshops, “How To” courses, Product Tear Downs, App Development Challenge
  • Vendor exhibits: Cooling technologies, Air movers, Experimental characterization equipment, CFD simulation software, Thermal materials

To submit an extended abstract: You are invited to submit an extended abstract describing the scope, contents, key results, findings and conclusions. The abstract should be 2 to 5 pages and supported by figures, tables and references as appropriate. Abstracts must demonstrate high technical quality, originality and potential impacts.  

To submit a peer-reviewed paper: You are invited to submit a full paper to be reviewed by the SEMI-THERM Technical Committee.  Special consideration is given to papers based on academic/industry cooperation projects.

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Call for Papers

Deadline for submitting papers has been extended until Nov. 1

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