Liquid Cooling Panel Discussion

Join us Monday afternoon for the Liquid Cooling Panel. This panel will provide a broad perspective on the current usage of liquid cooling across a range of industries, including data centers, ground vehicles and aerospace. We will also look forward to the near-term trends according to these experts, then looking further out, with each panelist given the opportunity to describe the technological advances in liquid cooling that they would most like to see.

Tim Shedd, Ph.D.
Director of R&D
Motivair Corporation

Emre Gurpinar, Ph.D.
R&D Staff, Electrical and Electronics Systems 
Suresh Pichai
Director, Innovation and Development
Research Division Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Equinix Data Centers
Debabrata Pal, Ph.D.
Technical Fellow
Collins Aerospace
Bapi Surampudi, Ph.D.
Staff Engineer, Electric Powertrain
Southwest Research Institute