SEMI-THERM’s thermal conference program and thermal exhibition details

Short Courses

These four-hour long classes are given on the first day of the symposium. Designed to provide practical training on a wide variety of specific skills, short courses offer attendees an interactive learning environment on topics ranging from thermal design & modeling to system level validation testing. Some are designed for those who are relatively new to thermal management. As such, they focus on basic concepts and techniques. Other classes are meant for seasoned thermal engineers wanting to gain deeper insight into best-in-class tools and practices. Attendees can choose up to two short courses, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Courses 1-3 are conducted on Monday morning while courses 4-6 occur in the afternoon of the same day.

Short Courses are free with full conference passes and are available for a fee with other types of attendees

Technical Presentations

Brief presentations, 15 minutes plus a 5 minute Q&A, designed to summarize the design, tests, and findings of research and development efforts. Topics include any thermally related challenge or solution from the die to the facility level. Presenters may be academics, in which case the detailed manuscript on which the presentation is based is often submitted to the SEMI-THERM committee for a formal peer review. They may also be private sector R&D professionals working alone or as part of an inter-agency program. In this case, a summary of their work may be presented without a peer-reviewed paper being submitted. With over 40 of these presentations scheduled for the second and third day of the symposium, attendees should expect to have a solid overview of the latest developments in thermal management.

Technical Presentations open only to paid symposium attendees

Vendor Workshops

SEMI-THERM exhibitors offer a technical overview of a specific product during these 45 minute presentations. Scheduled in the afternoon of the second and third symposium day (Tues-Wed), presenters take care to avoid a fluffy sales pitch, preferring instead to focus on the technical aspects of product selection, implementation and usage that are discussed as part of an engineering system / component discovery effort.

Vendor Workshops open to all symposium attendees

How-To Presentations

If you’ve ever wanted some practical guidelines on how-to ‘Choose Between Heat Pipes & Vapor Chambers’, for instance, or ‘Select the Best Air Mover’, you won’t want to miss these 50 minute presentations. Join our thermal industry veterans as they offer concise insight into their field of specialty, while leaving 10 minutes for some Q&A. Attendees can choose from four presentations on Wednesday, the third evening of the symposium.

How-To Presentations open to all symposium attendees

Vendor Exhibits

Be sure to spend some technical face time with the 40+ exhibitors that come from across the globe to demonstrate and explain their products and services. Whether you’re interested in CFD simulation, new thermal materials, or test equipment, exhibitors are available on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon.

Exhibit Floor open to all symposium attendees

Keynote and Lunch Speakers

Join us Tuesday morning for the keynote speech where you can learn about industry trends, challenges, and opportunities. Lunch speakers on Tuesday and Wednesday will present one topic each. The first topic discusses thermally related technical issues, while the second is an off-topic talk. Past off-topic subjects included an FBI agent discussing the capture of the Unabomber and a SETI Institute researcher talking about the search for extraterrestrial life.

Keynote and Lunch Speakers open only to paid symposium attendees