Scholarships will be given to each of the best papers in the general or specific technology areas described below.

P.K. Mulay Memorial Scholarship
Best Student Paper at SEMI-THERM


Celsia, Inc.
Best Student Paper in the area of
Two-Phase Thermal Management Technology and/or Application


Thermal Engineering Associates, Inc.
Best Student Paper in the area of
Thermal Measurement Technology and/or Application


Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems
Binghamton University
Best Student Paper in the area of
Energy-Smart Electronic Systems Technology and/or Application


To be eligible, candidates must: 

  • Be senior undergraduate or graduate students at a recognized university
  • Part of a significant contributor on an academic or industry team
  • Be the first or second student author of the technical paper
  • Be the paper presenter at SEMI-THERM

Paper submissions must go through SEMI-THERM’s peer review process. Scholarship award selection will be based on: 

  • Originality of the reported activity
  • Technical proficiency demonstrated in the paper and the presentation
  • Contribution to contemporary electronics thermal management body of knowledge

The final selection decision will be made by the paper selection committee, including a representative of the scholarship sponsor.

SEMI-THERM reserves the right to not award the specific area scholarships if 

  • There are less than three student-submitted papers in the topic area, and
  • No student-submitted paper meets the criteria described above

Scholarship awards will be sent to each selectee within 15 days after SEMI-THERM.