Thermal Innovations that Keep the World’s Technology Cool.

SEMI-THERM is an international forum dedicated to the thermal management and characterization of electronic components and systems. It provides knowledge covering all thermal length scales from IC to facility level. The symposium fosters the exchange of knowledge between thermal engineers, professionals and leading experts from industry as well as the exchange of information on the latest academic and industrial advances in electronics thermal management.

Semi-Therm Org Chart

The SEMI-THERM Educational Foundation (STEF) is dedicated to worldwide educational opportunities and resources within the electronics thermal engineering community. It is our mission to provide programs for on-going professional development, technical networking, and engagement of academia and industry in pursuit of innovation and excellence.

The organization, and associated symposium, is governed by volunteers from the thermal industry. While some of us participate year after year, we welcome new volunteers eager to become committee chairs/members.

Contacts for Presenters and Exhibitors

Adriana Rangel, Thermal Engineer, Cisco –
Technical Program (Abstracts, Manuscripts and Presentations)

Pablo Hidalgo –
For information on presenting Short Courses, How-To’s, Product Tear Downs

Bob Schuch, Sr. Operations Associate, Semi-Therm –
For information on Exhibition Space and Vendor Workshops


Other Committee Contacts

George Meyer, CEO, Celsia Inc –

Jesse Galloway, Sr. Engineering Director, Amkor – (SEMI-THERM General Chair)

Ross Wilcoxon, Principal ME, Rockwell Collins –

Bill Maltz, President, Electronics Cooling Solutions –

Bernie Siegal, CEO, Thermal Engineering Associates –

Bonnie Crystall , CS Communications, Symposium Manager –

Veerendra Mulay, Thermal Engineer, Facebook –

Jim Wilson, Engineering Fellow, Raytheon –

Tom Tarter, President,  Package Science Services LLC –

Denise Rael, Marketing Manager Semi-Therm –